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How did we get started?
Always interested in Art & Craft, Hiromi was first introduced to silver clay from a friend. Amazed with this incredible media, Hiromi did not hesitate in pursueing a career as a instructor. After a year of training, Hiromi had become a senior instructor for Art Clay.
Launching of Atelier PAW
After becoming an instructor, Hiromi had started to teach out of her home in Gardena. One by one, as the number of students grew, Kent gets certified to help with the classes. Within a year after launching the Atelier PAW, it was obvious more space was needed then the living room of their home. In April 2003, studio/office was opened in Gardena, CA. In April 2005, Atelier PAW was recruited by PMC Connection as the Senior Instructors for Southern CA area.
Continuing to Strive for Higher Education
Atelier PAW had been named the PMC Guild Japanís Los Angeles Chapter to be in charge of offering the Japanese style certification in the U.S. In our effort to offer more high quality education as well as fun craft techniques, Atelier PAW will be offering Candle Making and Lost Wax classes, as well as On-Line Video classes to educate those who are in a location, or donít have the time to travel to learn.
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